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Cardio Well (100 Capsules)

Cardio Well * Herbal Cardiovascular Health Support *
MSRP : $36.75
Price Each: $34.95
Save : $1.80 (5 %)
Quantity Price Each Discount
Reg. Price Each $34.95 5 %
3 to 11$29.70
12 or more$27.96

Optimum Cardiovascular Health?*

Eastern Medicine herbs have been used for cardiovascular support for centuries.*

Cardio Well is a Natural Dietary Herbal Supplement*

Prunella Vulgaris Xia Ku Cao

CONTAINS NO "Beef Bovine Capsules", or Common Fillers such as Silica, Magnesium Stearate, Talc or Silicon Dioxide. The Only Ingredients are Natural Herbs and Kosher/Vegan Vegetarian Capsules*

Eastern Medicine Herbs such as Morinda, Achyranthes, Lycium Fruit & Prunella have been used for Centuries to Support:

  • Healthy Cardiovascular & Heart Pumping Function*
  • Normal Cholesterol Levels & Blood Pressure*
  • Healthy Arterial Walls & Vessels & Circulation*
  • Heart Health*

A natural dietary herbal supplement, Cardio Well contains a unique and proprietary herbal formula developed with key ingredients known for its heart and cardiovascular health characteristics.*

The Medical Doctors & Herbalists that developed this formula did so with a complete understanding of the specific herbs and combination of herbs, that are needed to provide the maximum balancing support the body needs to optimize the circulatory system. Their focus was on creating a formula that supported proper heart pumping function, healthy blood pressure and flow, healthy cholesterol levels and normalized artery and capillary integrity.*Cardio Well

Cardio Well's developers feel that a body with proper balance can more efficiently maintain a healthy heart throughout life. Since cardiovascular disease is the Number 1 killer of adults, natural methods that maintain a healthy heart should be a priority for all adults.*

Suggested Usage: As a Dietary Supplement, take 2-3 Tablets, 2 times per day on an empty stomach with water 30 minutes before meals, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.*
Product Ingredients: Morinda, Achyranthes, Lycium Fruit, Prunella
Count: 100 Capsules
Servings: 40-60 Servings
Herb Net Weight Per Capsule: 500 mg

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Customer Testimonials

After being diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and ITP, I was put on Prednisone for 8 months and my cholesterol shot up to 252. After this experience, I began to make my health more of a higher priority. I added your Cardio Well to my dietary supplement regiment and I am so glad I did. I prefer to support my body's ability to have a healthy and normal cardiovascular system versus relying on taking harmful medications when my cholesterol spikes up. I recommend everyone try Cardio Well to help support their own healthy cholesterol levels wherever that might be. Thanks again for your help and I love your products.*
- - T.R., Las Vegas, NV

I am 71 years old and was experiencing high blood pressure 200/107. I did not want to take any drugs because of the side effects that have been reported. I decide to try Get Wells products after a friend recommended that I look into them. They were so helpful in educating me about their herbs that I decided to try them. I like their products so much that I am now taking several of them to support my own body's health potential. I feel so happy and thankful to have found these natural products.*
- - B.B., San Jose, CA

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Cardio Well Herbs

Cardio Well contains potent cardiovascular herbs:*


Cardio Well Herbs Morinda Citrifolia Herb Achyranthes Bidentatae Herb Lycium Fruit Herb Prunella Herb

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Questions? Call 1-888-522-4372

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