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Dr. Graeme Shaw Dr. Shaw Approved

Approved by Dr. Graeme Shaw, M.D.

Get Well Natural LLC consultant, Dr. Graeme Shaw, M.D., has approved Get Well Natural products and this web site for his patients who are searching for a good source of herbal and health information. Dr. Shaw regularly uses these products personally, and frequently recommends them to patients in his private medical practice.

Many years of personal practice experience has gone into the creation and implementation of these effective "Eastern Medicine Based" herbal formulas. Dr. Shaw encourages anyone who is searching for a good source of herbal and health information to investigate Get Well Natural products.

Dr. Shaw Talks About His Background and Specialties

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Dr. Shaw Talks About His Background & More

Thoughts from Dr. Shaw

"I have a great appreciation for these herbal formulas after experiencing their effectiveness for my patients, family, friends and myself. I encourage you to investigate for yourself these amazing products based on extremely unique concepts and philosophies. Any time you can take the best of both Western and Eastern Medicine knowledge and experience and integrate it, the possibilities are endless."*
-- Dr. Graeme Shaw, MD

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Enjoy This Dr. Shaw VIDEO - Cell Membrane Function - A Unifying Concept of Health

Dr. Shaw's Youtube channel can be found here.

Additional Health Information provided by Dr. Graeme Shaw, MD

Dr. Graeme Shaw provides further education via his articles where he shares his insights and explains Eastern Medicine philosophies as well as offers healthful ideas from his years of experience. For example, in one article, Dr. Shaw discusses how to better achieve long term health and improve healing potential. In this article, Dr. Shaw stated:

"Too often, we tend to disregard the message of ill-health, not realizing that one of the key elements to health recovery may be to change something in ourselves and/or our surroundings that may contribute to our health issue. For those persons who can't move or change jobs or exercise more, there are numerous herbal remedies available around the world that can support the balancing of the body's temperature, digestive function, stress responses and healing potential. The Get Well Natural line of original herbal dietary supplements, are a good example of products that can be taken on a daily basis to simply provide that vital balanced support which may be lacking in one's body, diet and lifestyle."

Longevity Warning! A Possible Missing Link for Achieving the Elusive Centenarian Status*

By: D. Graeme Shaw, MD

To read this and other helpful articles from Dr. Shaw, click for Get Well Natural's Article & Research page.

More Info about Dr. Graeme Shaw

Dr. Shaw received his medical training at Creighton University of Medicine and is Board Certified in internal medicine. He is a member of the American College for the Advancement in Medicine and has been the director of the Natural Immune Supplements Corporation. Presently, he operates an Integrated Medical Clinic in Los Altos, California and has had great success in blending his knowledge of Eastern and Western modalities.

Dr. Shaw specializes in integrated medicine which incorporates the best parts of alternative nutritional therapies using herbs, vitamins, amino acids, and other natural substances and therapies. Dr. Shaw has made Get Well Natural formulas available to his patients in his personal practice for many years with many satisfied patients. In combination with Dr. Ba Hoang, Dr. Graeme Shaw has been published in a number of international medical journals and pivotal publications.*

D. Graeme Shaw, M.D.

Integrative Medical Associates

NOTE: Dr. Shaw cannot provide any consultation by phone or email unless he has previously performed an initial exam and history with you at his office. Feel free to call his office to set up an appointment for your first visit with him, but, please do not call or email Dr. Shaw with any personal health or product question unless you have already completed your first exam/history with Dr. Shaw.

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About Get Well Natural LLC

Get Well Natural LLC began in San Jose, California and is now based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are an internet retailer that offers a high quality product line of effective dietary nutritional & herbal supplements. Our unique artisan products are sold direct to thousands of satisfied customer both in the United States and abroad. Our customers range from Doctors and other healthcare practitioners, to end users of our products. We welcome you to come visit us online and/or give us a call where one of our Wellness Consultants are here to help answer your questions.*

Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is provided free of charge to the public and designed for information purposes only, and may not directly apply to your unique health situation. D. Graeme Shaw, MD, is a paid consultant of Get Well Natural LLC, as well as a customer of Get Well Natural's products. Neither Dr. Shaw nor his medical office implies any claims or warranties whatsoever regarding the use of Get Well Natural's products. This information page may not be copied and reused without the express written authorization of both Dr. Shaw and Get Well Natural, LLC.

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