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Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute

Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute

Here's a great resource for Chinese herbal formula information, The Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute currently located in Montana. They offer you education and training in the Traditional Chinese Herbal Sciences through distance learning courses, interactive game software, clinical reference databases, self-study guides, seminars, and comprehensive international certification programs.

From their site:

"We provide independent herbalists, health professionals, and individuals worldwide with modern tools to transform the ancient art and science of Chinese herbology into an effective health care option for the 21st century. This system of knowledge encompasses not only 'Chinese' herbs, but provides a basis for understanding the effects of all herbs, foods, environmental quality, exercise, music, art, and social life on human health."

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Their contact information:

Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute (Rocky Mountain Herbalists Trust)
attn: Roger W. Wicke, Ph.D., Director c/o
PO Box 579
Hot Springs,
Montana 59845 USA
Telephone +1 (406) 741-3811


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