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Tips for Healthy Lungs * Eastern Medicine Respiratory Herbs *

Just Breathe…

Breathing is second nature to most of us. But for an estimated 35 million Americans, breathing can be complicated. According to the American Lung Association, chronic lung disease - from asthma to emphysema - is the third highest cause of death for people of all ages in the U.S. Here's some info on how to cope with lung diseases and how toCouple Breathing keep your lungs healthy:*

Asthma: A Common Ailment

If Inhaleryou have asthma, you know the burden of inhalers, doctor's visits and asthmatic episodes. Asthma is one of the most common forms of lung disease that affects 22 million people nationally, reports the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Children with asthma are often prescribed steroid drugs. But this may be doing more harm than good. In the International Herald Tribune Allergy Specialist Dr. Bradley Chipps says that the most recent research ". . . gives us good information that what we've been doing doesn't work. It gives us a lead to pursue a safer alternative." In a related article, San Francisco Bay Area News Station reported the results of another study that found that infants with chest infections were more likely to develop asthma later in life. Not only that, but if these babies were born during the fall season, their risk of developing the condition was increased by 30 percent. While both of these studies focus on children, the results are just as interesting to adults with asthma.*

Common Causes of Lung Disease and What You Can Do!Dr. Graeme Shaw

The most commonly known lung disease, and increasing in number, is asthma. Other disorders include chronic bronchitis, emphysema and lung cancer. There have been many theories offered as to their origin like genetic, allergic and neurologic. In my experience, I believe that all these disorders have a common cause--hyperexcitability of the cell membrane. Read Dr. Graeme Shaw ‘s article featuring his five tips for healthy lungs.

Lower Your Risk of Developing AsthmaLips Dandelion

While asthma may be genetic, there are certain "triggers" that heighten your possibility of developing it. Tobacco smoke, air pollution, cleaning products, allergens (pollen, mold, dust mites, pet dander, etc.), lung infections and heartburn all play a significant role in the development of asthma. Many of these risk factors are facets of poor indoor air quality, making it important to do what you can to ensure the air in your home is healthy. An article on gives some helpful tips:*

  • Wash sheets, comforters, blankets in hot water once a week
  • Dust all surfaces (shelves, lampshades, windowsills, etc.) often
  • Use a dehumidifier to keep air humidity low (25-50%)
  • Use fans to prevent steam when taking a shower
  • Use air conditioning, if the season permits
  • Keep windows closed during pollen season

Relax and Take a Few Deep Breaths with Breathe Well

Breathe WellGet Well Natural's Breathe Well product promotes healthy breathing, respiration and a balanced lung function. Breathe Well also provides support for effective detoxification, which is crucial for those with respiratory challenges. Detoxification allows the body to rid itself of excitotoxins and other possible excitatory sensitizers that can cause broncho-constriction, inflammation and excessive mucus production. By promoting the combination of a balanced lung function with the added support of detoxification, it may support the body's natural health mechanisms that work to prevent airway damage (remodeling) and deal with chronic respiratory ailments.*


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