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Homolomena Occulta Qian Nian Jian

Homalomena Occulta Qian Nian Jian

Pinyin: Qian Nian Jian Latin: Homalomena Occulta

Physical Characteristics

Properties: Spicy, Bitter, Warm. Homalomena Rhizome is the dried rhizome of Homalomena occulta.



Traditional Chinese Medicinal (TCM) Uses*

Homalomena Occulta has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for the effect of dissipating pathogenic wind and dampness, strengthening muscles and bones and arresting pain. It is used for situations including muscle pain, numbness, tightness of tendons, joint pain, muscle spasms, stomach ache, rheumatic arthralgia, cold pain in the loins and knees, muscular contracture, numbness of the legs, carbuncle and boils.*

Homalomena herb has also been used to support and tonify the kidney and liver energies. This is important in Chinese herbal medicines because the kidney and liver energy govern the health and strength of the bones and tendons as well as other connective tissues.*

This is especially useful for anyone who is injured to maximize healthy normal healing in the body. Also, for the elderly, it is important since stiffness and weakness in the joints, especially the waist and knees, can make walking and getting around more difficult.[1-4]*


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