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Foods That Shouldn't Be Eaten TogetherChicken with Rice

Here's an interesting bit of information about food combinations. According to Bottom Line publications certain foods should not be combined together in meals, for example, don't eat chicken with rice. Why? Because "Some food combinations are easy to digest. They are quickly broken down, and the nutrients are thoroughly assimilated. Other combinations can be a digestive disaster, producing gas, bloating and other gastrointestinal (GI) discomforts."

The author of the story tells about how they had various health issues and were able to help solve them by simply watching how they combine foods. The author advises six simple rules.

Rule #1: Eat animal protein with nonstarchy vegetables.

Rule #2: Eat grains and grainlike seeds

Rule #3: Consume fruit and fruit juices alone and at least 30 minutes before any meal

Rule #4: Combine fats and oils with any food.

Rule #5: Combine protein-fats with protein-fats.

Rule #6: Combine beans with nonstarchy vegetables.

Click Here to Read the Full Food Combining Article

There's also a handy food combining chart available here.


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