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Mercola’s Article about the First-Ever Lifetime Feeding Study Finds Genetically Engineered Corn Causes Massive Tumors, Organ Damage, and Early Death

Lifetime GMO Corn StudyIn his article on called ‘First-Ever Lifetime Feeding Study Finds Genetically Engineered Corn Causes Massive Tumors, Organ Damage, and Early Death’ Dr. Mercola raises concerns about the consumption of GMO corn, and by extension any GMO foods. His article covers a lot of ground but the most important aspect of it is that the first ever lifetime feeding study using genetically modified corn fed to rats shows some convincing data that GMO corn, is, in fact, not safe for consumption according to the study. The weed killer glyphosate known as ‘Roundup’ is also studied.

The authors tell of kidney problems, tumors and shortened life spans developing from exposure to GM corn and glyphosate. The study was using rats so Dr. Mercola explains that the results in the massive human experiment happening now through the widespread use of GMO corn and glyphosate could take decades for definitive outcomes. Dr. Mercola’s article covers:

  • Why Aren’t Americans Dropping Like Flies?
    • Discusses the difference in lifespan between rats and humans and why we won’t see the affects for generations.
  • GE Foods’ Connection to Breast Cancer
    • Discusses the connection between genetically engineered foods and breast cancer.
  • 10-Year Feeding Study ALSO Found GE Foods Cause Severe Health Problems
    • Another study is discussed, this one suggesting that GE foods causes obesity and immune disorders.
  • Monsanto’s GE Corn is Already Losing its Effectiveness, Giving Rise to Superbugs and Superweeds
    • Discusses how the effectiveness of GE crops is already dropping.
  • Roundup-Ready Crops Pose Even Greater Resistance Problem
    • The dangers of glyphosate are discussed quoting Dr. Huber.
  • The Environmental and Human Health Hazards of Glyphosate
    • Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Huber about GMO and glyphosate.
  • Why We Don’t Need Genetically Engineered Foods
    • Discusses the evidence that GMO and glyphosate don’t work, in fact, work against us.
  • Join Us in Your Right to Know by Getting GMOs Labeled!
    • A plea for help on this issue.

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Dr. Mercola comments on the first ever feeding study on GMO corn. The results are not pretty.


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