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Blood Well Special 150 grams Herbal Powder for Blood Health
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Concerned About Healthy Platelets?*

Eastern Medicine herbs have been used for platelet health support for centuries.*

Blood Well Special Has Been Discontinued Since Blood Well (caps) and Restore Immune II (caps) has replaced it since it is a Superior Combination

Rehmannia Chinese Foxglove

Eastern Medicine Herbs Have Been used for Centuries to Support:*

  • Healthy Platelet Counts & Platelet Quality*
  • Balanced Immune Function*
  • Normal Blood Coagulation & Function*
  • Healthy Functioning Blood*

Blood Well and Restore Immune II are two exclusive formulas that were originally developed by Vietnamese Medical Doctors and Master Herbalists for their patients looking to promote healthy platelets, healthy blood coagulation and normal immune function.*

ITP KitEastern Medicine Doctors and Herbalists believe that normal platelet function can be achieved by supporting body balance and its natural ability to achieve normal platelet function, including normalization of both high, low or abnormal platelet counts & function. These Doctors understand the importance of using effective and synergistic Eastern Medicine based herbal formulas that provide the body with important platelet supportive qualities for anyone who may be suffering from platelet dysfunctions.*

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Customer Testimonials

In June 2005 our 2 1/2 year old daughter was diagnosed with ITP. She had bruises everywhere and her count was 4K. After an immunoglobulin treatment they went up to 90K and stayed OK for 10 days, and then she was back down to 6K. We went on like this for another 6 months, treatment every 10 days to 2 weeks. We tried cortisone, Vinchristine and immunoglobulinall these three combined, but it never lasted more than 3 weeks. We originally found out about Get Well Natural's products in 2005. We can tell you that we are 100% grateful for the products and for the research that has been conducted by the doctors that developed this formula. Get Well Naturals products have been a great addition in all our lives. We appreciate your company and product line and recommend this product to other parents who are looking to support their childs body naturally.*
- - Louise S., France

My dog was diagnosed with ITP last October and has been on prednisone since. Only in very high doses did the steroids have an impact on her platelets; however every time we tried to wean her off her platelets would drop. We came across Blood Well Special and started her on that in January. We are now on our 3rd order of this wonderful product and are totally happy with it. One day we hope her body will be totally healthy. This product is truly AWESOME.*
- - Kim, AZ, NOTE: Blood Well Special has been replaced by Blood Well and Restore Immune herbal combinations

Click to Try the Blood Well and Restore Immune II in Our "ITP Kit" Now Click

Blood Well Special Herbal Ingredients

Blood Well Special contained the following ingredients:*


Blood Well Special Herbs Chinese Foxglove Eastern Medicine Herb Cao Shan Hu Eastern Medicine Herb Astragalus Membranaceus Eastern Medicine Herb Chinese Yam Eastern Medicine Herb Yin Chen Hao Artemisia Capillaris Eastern Medicine Herb Hairy Agrimony Eastern Medicine Herb

Click to Try the Blood Well and Restore Immune II in Our "ITP Kit" Now Click

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