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Adrenal Support

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What is Adrenal Support?*

Adrenal support is your process of making lifestyle, diet and habitual changes in order to support the normal healthy function of your adrenal glands and therefore your emotional & physical well being.*

Why is Adrenal Support Desirable?

Because of the adrenal glands' critically important role in overall health & well being anything you can do to help support the healthy and normal function of your adrenal glands is desirable as part of a happy healthy lifestyle.* Living with low energy and poor emotional outlook is not a fun thing.*

How to Achieve Adrenal Health Support*

There are many approaches to adrenal health support with Medical Herbalism including living a simpler life, meditation, exercise and dietary supplementation with herbal and other supplements specifically designed to assist normal adrenal function.*

Natural Adrenal Support Herbs & Products*

The Doctor recommended and developed herbal supplement products you will find at Get Well Natural are a combination of extensive knowledge and over 40 years of experience of master herbalists and medical doctors who are well versed in treatment, personal anecdotal research, nutritional science and molecular medical investigation.*

Now available to you are exclusive products based on their unique philosophies, experience and understanding of how to support the bodys own healing potential, including adrenal health support.*

Leading Doctor Recommend Adrenal Support Products*

Cordyceps Sinensis, Morinda & Restore Immune

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Cordyceps Sinensis (90 Capsules)

Cordyceps Sinensis Offers Health Support for:

  • Enhanced Cellular Energy*
  • Improved Immune Health*
  • Improved General Health & Wellness*
  • Promoting Energy Normalization*
  • Imbalances Associated with Aplastic Anemia*
  • Healthy Adrenal Function*
Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordycep Sinensis

Get Well Naturals high quality Cordyceps Sinensis, also known as Chinese caterpillar mushroom, comes from a cultured, lab grown fermentation process ensuring purity and the environmental protection of its growing areas. Cordyceps is a perfectly natural ingredient that may promote healthy cellular energy, immune health as well as support healthy adrenal activity and function.*


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Morinda Offers Health Support for:

  • Healthy Energy Levels in the Body & Cells*
  • Promoting General Health & Wellness*
  • Healthy Cellular Regeneration*
  • Enhancing Healthy Circulation*
  • Cold Hands and Feet*
  • Adrenal Health Support


Get Well Naturals Morinda is a concentrated extract of Noni fruit (Morinda Citrifolia) that provides maximum benefits of Noni Juice in an easy to take vegetarian capsule. Noni has been used for centuries by holistic healers of the South Pacific and Asia to support a wide variety of health benefits*



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Restore Immune

Restore Immune Offers Health Support for:

  • Healthy & Balanced Immune System*
  • Autoimmune Health*
  • Healthy Thyroid Balance*
  • Gingival (Gum) Health*
  • Improved Adrenal Health*
  • Periodontal Health*
  • Healthy Immune Response*
Restore Immune

Restore Immune

Get Well Natural's Restore Immune is an exclusive formulation that supports the bodys natural mechanisms to improve the normal function of the immune system as well as the glandular system (like the thyroid and adrenals).*


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General Adrenal Gland Information

What are the adrenal glands?

The adrenal glands are the part of the body responsible for releasing three different classes of hormones. These hormones control many important functions in the body, such as:

  • Maintaining metabolic processes, such as managing blood sugar levels and regulating inflammation
  • Regulating the balance of salt and water
  • Controlling the "fight or flight" response to stress
  • Maintaining pregnancy
  • Initiating and controlling sexual maturation during childhood and puberty

The adrenal glands are also an important source of sex steroids, such as estrogen and testosterone.

View a picture of the adrenal glands

What are adrenal gland disorders?

Adrenal gland disorders occur when the adrenal glands dont work properly. Sometimes, the cause is a problem in another gland that helps to regulate the adrenal gland. In other cases, the adrenal gland itself may have the problem. The NICHD conducts and supports research on many adrenal gland disorders.

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References: National Institutes of Health


Cordyceps Sinensis Adrenal Support Supplement Cordyceps Sinensis Adrenal Support Supplement

Cordyceps Sinensis

May Offer Adrenal Support:

  • Healthy Adrenal Function*
  • Enhanced Cellular Energy*
  • Promoting Energy Normalization*
  • Improved General Health & Wellness*

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100% Money Back Guarantee!

Cordyceps Sinensis Cordycep Extract * Eastern Medicine Adrenal Health Support *
Cordyceps Sinensis (90 Caps)
MSRP: $31.55
Price Each: $30.00
Save: $1.55 (5 %)
Cordyceps Sinensis (90 Caps)
Support for the body for those concerned with Improved Energy and Immune Health, Enhanced Cellular Energy, Improved Immune Health, General Health & Wellness, Energy Normalization, Red Blood Cell Health, and Healthy Adrenal Function*
EFA Complex (Plant and Fish EFA's) 90 Gel Caps #446
Price Each: $28.00
EFA Complex (Plant and Fish EFA's) 90 Gel Caps #446
EFA Complex from Progressive Labs is an essential fatty acid (EFA) complex comprised of 75% plant sourced ingredients and 25% fish sourced for a full spectrum EFA option.*
L Carnitine Fumarate (120 Caps.)
Price Each: $66.80
L Carnitine Fumarate (120 Caps.)
LCarnitine Fumarate Offers Health Support for Improved Cardiovascular Metabolic Function, Improved Healthy Cellular Energy, Promoting Muscular Health and Imbalances Associated with Chemotherapy Side Effects*
Restore Immune Healthy & Balanced Immune System Gum Health Support*
Restore Immune (100 Caps)
MSRP: $26.26
Price Each: $24.95
Save: $1.31 (5 %)
Restore Immune (100 Caps)
RestoreImmune - Promotes a Healthy Immune System, Autoimmune Health, Balanced Immune System, Gingival (Gum) Health, Periodontal Health, Healthy Thyroid Balance and May also Support a Healthy Immune Response*
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