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Who We Are

Get Well Natural Herbal SupplementsThe Staff at Get Well Natural understand our customers’ needs and are dedicated to doing our part to provide only the best in customer service as well as an excellent and enjoyable shopping experience. As a niche specialty retailer and supplier of our original and exclusive nutritional & dietary herbal supplements.  Our customers appreciate our effective approach and wellness knowledge. In a country where more than 160 million people take a dietary supplement every day, we feel Get Well Natural to be the best choice for people seeking to promote improved body balance, health and longevity through using eastern medicine based, balancing wellness formulas. *

We separate ourselves from other companies by providing effective and exclusive formulas that were originally created and used clinically in practice for over 60 years ago and have been used since then by master herbalists, medical doctors and other healthcare providers for their patients in Vietnam, Russia, United Kingdom, Asia and the United States. *

Get Well Natural’s consultant team of doctors and herbalists have work together to select the most bioactive herbal constituents (ingredients) for our formulas to ensure the greatest "balancing" and positive health potential. Through the years, these formulas have gained in popularity primarily through word of mouth communication between satisfied users and their friends, families and healthcare providers. *

At, we have designed a user friendly website with ease of use in mind, and health education as our main goals. We strive to provide you, our customer the opportunity to take control of your own health requirements with simple descriptions and convenient health categories that match the products that best suite your needs. We encourage you to use the information contained on our site to make informed shopping decisions in the management of your own health. *

We invite you to experience our service and products an become satisfied member of our Get Well Natural Family. We guarantee you will be satisfied and offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our herbal products. *

Our Goal

Our Goal is to provide you with a safe, secure and enjoyable shopping experience. We provide a wide variety of health supporting formulations, made from the finest ingredients, designed to promote improved health support and longevity for you and your family. Contact our staff now to experience our excellent customer service and helping you find answers that best meet your wellness goals. *

Thoughts from Consultant Graeme Shaw M.D.

Dr. Graeme Shaw"I have a great appreciation for these herbal formulas after experiencing their effectiveness for my patients, family, friends and myself. I encourage you to investigate for yourself, these amazing products based on extremely unique concepts and philosophies. Anytime you can take the best of both Western and Eastern Medicine knowledge and experience and integrate it, the possibilities are endless." *
-- Dr. Graeme Shaw, MD

More info about Dr. Graeme Shaw

Dr. Shaw received his medical training at Creighton University of Medicine and is Board Certified in internal medicine. He is a member of the American College for the Advancement in Medicine and has been the director of the Natural Immune Supplements Corporation. Presently, he operates an Integrated Medical Clinic in Los Altos, California and has had great success in blending his knowledge of Eastern and Western modalities. Dr. Shaw specializes in integrated medicine which incorporates the best parts of alternative nutritional therapies using herbs, vitamins, amino acids, and other natural substances and therapies. Dr. Shaw has offered Get Well Natural formulas in his personal practice for many years and with many satisfied patients. Dr. Graeme Shaw has been published in a number of international medical journals and pivotal publications. *

More about Get Well Natural:

Get Well Natural LLC began in San Jose, California and is now based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are an internet retailer that offers a high quality product line of effective dietary nutritional & herbal supplements. Our unique products are sold direct to thousands of satisfied customer both in the United States and abroad. Our customers range from Doctors and other healthcare practitioners, to end users of our products. We welcome you to come visit us online and/or give us a call where one of our Wellness Consultants are here to help answer your questions. *

Important Note About Your Personal Information:

Get Well Natural takes the protection of your privacy very seriously. We treat your personal information with respect and protect it as if it was our own. We never sell, rent, trade, or swap your personal information with any company or individual for any reason, ever! You can rest assured that if you provide us with personal information about yourself, that information, will never leave our company. For more information about our privacy policy, please click here.

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