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Emotional Health

Emotional Health Herbal Supplements

Emotional Health
Herbal Supplements Category*

Dietary Support for Emotional Health and Normal Emotional Outlook*

Positive Emotional Health Dietary Support*

Happy PeoplePositive emotional health and emotional support for the mind and body is crucial. Everyday stress and tension are unfortunately a part of our modern lifestyle and can affect nearly every single person at some time in their life, and affect your mental and emotional health. While repetitive stresses are unhealthy, occasional stress is not necessarily a bad thing and can actually help a person to perform at their peak when pressured.

Modern & Traditional Approaches to Emotional Health Support*

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or Medical Herbology practitioners believe that emotional stress reduction can be achieved when the body and mind naturally returns to a state of healthy balance and harmony. It is believed that in order to achieve this, one needs to provide the body and mind with stress reducing activities like detoxification, adequate clean water, effective dietary supplementation, healthy diet, exercise and other healthy and natural techniques that work to support the health of the mind.*

Doctor Recommended Emotional Health Support Supplements:*

Calm Well, Magnesium Citrate, Calm Ezz

Introducing Calm Well*

Calm Well May Support Emotional Health:*

  • Healthy Mood Support*
  • Imbalances Associated with Feelings of Depression & Irritability *
  • Healthy Sleep Cycles (Insomnia-Free)*
  • Balancing Support for Obsessive Thoughts*


Calm Well Herbal Supplement

Calm Well

Get Well Natural's Calm Well is a natural herbal supplement that promotes balance of the multiple systems of the healthy mind and body communication. When in balance, the body can restore cellular energy while also promoting improved neurotransmitter health and membrane function.*
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Emotional Health Support Practices*

Some of the techniques that you can do right now to support emotional relaxation of the mind and body are: progressive relaxation exercises (like yoga, meditation, tai chi, and guided imagery), sound therapy like natures sounds (wind, rain, and ocean), music therapy and breathing exercises. All of these can help your body promote improved emotional health which can lead to an improved physical state of health as well.*

What Causes Emotional Health Issues?*

Emotional imbalances in the mind can be caused by underlying feelings of anxiety, depression or continual worry. This can cause you to experience reduced feelings of harmony, peace and well being to the detriment of your physical and emotional health. During times of increased emotional stress the brain sends signals to various systems in the body to help out. When the psychological and physical factors of tension/stress are felt, the body increases its release of certain hormones through the adrenal glands to compensate and protect the body.*

Emotional Health Risks*

If these hormones continue to be released without sufficient periods of recovery, compromised vitality can result. Our physical body copes with stress in many different ways. A simply upset stomach can actually be caused by not stomaching something going on in your life. To make things worse, people often self-medicate in response to stress by using cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs or become addicted to prescription medications, and it can prove to be a downward spiral of imbalance and disharmony in the body.*


Calm Well Emotional Health Support Herbal Supplement Calm Well Emotional Health Support Herbal Supplement

Calm Well

May Support Emotional Health:

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Leading Doctor Recommended Emotional Health Support Supplements:*

Calm Ezz * Eastern Medicine Herbal Dietary Stress Management *
Calm Ezz (100 Capsules)
MSRP: $34.95
Price Each: $32.95
Save: $2.00 (6 %)
Calm Ezz (100 Capsules)
Health Support for Healthy Stress Resistance, Anxiety and Nervousness Support, Imbalance Leading to Panic Attacks, Natural Relaxation and Support for Restlessness & Irritability*
Calm Well Emotional Support Herbal Supplement*
Calm Well (90 Capsules)
MSRP: $31.50
Price Each: $29.95
Save: $1.55 (5 %)
Calm Well (90 Capsules)
CalmWell - Health Support for Healthy Mood Support, Healthy Sleep Support / Imbalances associated with Insomnia, Depression & Irritability and Balancing Support for Obsessive Thoughts.*
Morinda to support Healthy Circulation, Immunity, & Overall Health*
Morinda (Whole Noni Fruit Extract) (100 Capsules)
MSRP: $25.50
Price Each: $24.00
Save: $1.50 (6 %)
Morinda (Whole Noni Fruit Extract) (100 Capsules)
Noni Fruit Extract (Morinda) offers Health Support For Healthy Body & Cellular Energy, General Health & Wellness, Promoting Healthy Cellular Regeneration, Enhancing Healthy Circulation and Cellular Energy and to Support Cold Hands and Feet*
Vitamin D3 (Micellized) 1oz (600 Servings)
MSRP: $16.95
Price Each: $15.95
Save: $1.00 (6 %)
Vitamin D3 (Micellized) 1oz (600 Servings)
Micellized Vitamin D3 provides natural vitamin D in a highly bioavailable, easy-to-use liquid form. A special micellization process transforms fat-soluble vitamin D3 oil into extremely, small water-soluble micelle droplets that are more easily absorbed.
Vitamins D3 & K2 Liposomal Spray (2 oz) - P0381
MSRP: $20.00
Price Each: $19.00
Save: $1.00 (5 %)
Vitamins D3 & K2 Liposomal Spray (2 oz) -  P0381
Vitamins D3 & K2 Liposomal Spray provides a highly absorbable and bioavailable form of natural vitamin D & Vitamin K2 in an easy-to-use liquid spray form.
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