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Kidney Health Kit 1

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Are you looking for dietary information on how to support kidney health with herbs?

In addition to eating a diet that has been designed specifically for your situation by a licensed dietician or nutritionist, Eastern Medicine herbs can be an effective part of your kidney dietary supplement regiment.*

"My Creatinine Levels are healthier than my last visit to my doctor! Thanks to the staff of Get Well Natural for producing Kidney Well II and the Alisma herbal extract. The previous time I had seen my doctor was a total different story.*

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My doctor had told me that while my creatinine levels were in the normal range, I was on the border of having poor kidney function. My doctor had totally scared the "you know what" out of me about where my kidneys were headed (possibly kidney failure and then dialysis) if my creatinine levels worsened.*

Fortunately for me, I already knew about Get Well Natural since I had taken some of their other products in the past. After my previous doctor visit, I began taking Kidney Well II and Alisma for a couple of months as well as worked on my diet by trying to eat healthier food. I am really impressed at how effective their natural products are at supporting my healthy functions in my body. I will continue to tell everyone I run into that could benefit from what your company has to offer.*

Thanks again for producing these wonderful products,

- - David C., Gilroy, Ca"

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Kidney Herbs: Get The Big Picture

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Eastern Medicine practitioners believe and practice a big picture approach to health. They don't just focus on symptoms but rather focus on solving the underlying cause of the condition as well as any related imbalances in the body that may lead to kidney issues.*

For kidney health, Eastern Medicine practitioners use select "kidney function" related herbs to support the body's natural ability to maintain kidney health, regenerate the kidneys, and maintain normal kidney function.*

Amazingly, Eastern Medicine practitioners have been using kidney herbs successfully for centuries to support healthy kidneys and many people and doctors still do not even know it is available and effective.*

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Introducing Dietary Supplement Support:*

for the body regarding kidney health.*


Get Well Natural LLC has created numerous herbal, kidney related, dietary supplement health kits based on these same Eastern Medicine philosophies and practices proven for centuries. The Doctors and Herbalists that designed our products created and successfully used these types of herbal formulas with their patients in their practices around the world.*

Kidney Health Kit 1 is a perfect herbal combination for anyone concerned with kidney health. The kit contains all three of our kidney products designed to support the body's natural ability to maintain kidney health according to these centuries old Eastern Medicine principles and experience. Kidney Health Kit 1 contains one each of Alisma, Kidney Well II and Phyto-Antioxidant. You can try them out satisfaction guaranteed.*

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Kidney Health Kit 1

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed*

You may try any of our products with one simple 90-day guarantee: you must be satisfied or you get your money back.*

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind that according to these Eastern Medicine practices, dietary health support approaches do require a period of time to allow for the body to achieve a healthier balance related to optimum kidney function. The doctors who developed these products recommend a 3 to 6 month initial use to provide the body with the essential daily balanced support that they found effective for their patients.*

We encourage you to give 3 months a try, and provide quantity discounts to make it more cost effective. So now you can try Eastern Medicine based herbs along with whatever kidney health protocol you are on to maintain kidney health.*

Try Yours 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The links on this page will take you to the main web site Kidney Health Kit 1 page. The main site is loaded with additional information. Remember, the core of Eastern Medicine understanding and clinical practice is that the body can heal its own kidneys if it simply gets the support it needs. Eastern Medicine identifies the following supportive methods: healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, acupuncture, dietary herbs, and other natural methods. Now you can try our Kidney Health Kit and experience this form of support.*

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