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Doctor Recommended Kidney Herbs to Support the Body for Kidney Health*

Control Kidney Health Naturally!

Eastern Medicine practitioners believe dietary herbs can support the body. They believe that when the body is supported the body has a natural ability to avoid kidney disease, disorder and other imbalances by providing body support for those concerned with:* Happy Couple

  • Maximum Kidney Health*
  • Normal Levels Of Creatinine*
  • Normal Urinary Protein Levels*
  • Normal Kidney Function*

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Eastern Medicine Herbal Kidney Health Support*

Normal & Balanced Kidney Health*

Happy Couple Contemplating Eating Vegetables for Kidney Health*If you've been trying to find out how to promote kidney health, either through a diet for kidney health or researching food for kidney health, you are in the right place.*

To truly address kidney health, Eastern Medicine practitioners believe that in today's toxic world with low value highly processed foods, diet, lifestyle and dietary herbal supplements to support the body can all be used to great effect.*

Eastern Medicine Kidney Health Approach*

Imagine if there was a way believed by Eastern Medicine practitioners to support the body to support healthy kidney function using natural dietary herbs? Would you be interested?*

And imagine if these Eastern Medicine practices using dietary herbal kidney support supplements, successfully helped many people strengthen kidney health? Would you be more interested?*Alisma Plantago

Eastern Medicine herbal practitioners believe, and successfully practice, just that.*


These practitioners believe that supporting the body to support normal kidney function with dietary kidney herbs, supports the body's natural ability to avoid kidney disease and dysfunction.*

This is based on their belief and successful practice that addressing the underlying imbalance of the body is the only true way to "treat" or "cure" any disease, including kidney disease. They reject that treating symptoms will ultimately be effective, or, put another way, treating symptoms ultimately fails because it fails to address the real problem.*

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Holistic Kidney Health

Happy WomenThis thinking is the entire basis of holistic health and Eastern Medicine philosophy. Holistic means "big picture" or looking at the overall system rather than focusing on symptoms only. The Eastern Medicine approach does not adhere to the conventional "modern" medicine mechanical thinking that masking or treating symptoms exclusively will achieve permanent health for the body.* The Eastern Medicine philosophy applies the holistic approach to all "diseases", including kidney disorders and overall kidney health.*

Holistic simply means looking at the "big picture", or looking at the overall system balance, rather than focusing on symptoms exclusively. These practitioners believe that symptoms merely provide the clues pointing to imbalance. They believe that a naturally balanced body, and supporting achieving that through various means, provides the ultimate solution.*

Kidney Health Diet & Lifestyle Supporting:*

Zen WomanThe Eastern Medicine philosophy believes the body to be a whole system naturally in balance and in a state of harmony, and that when in this state of balance and harmony, the body cannot not be diseased or dysfunctional. This practice applies to the body subsystems and functions as well, including the kidneys.*

Eastern Medicine practitioners believe that kidney disease and kidney dysfunction are merely symptoms of imbalance, and that by addressing this underlying imbalance, not the symptoms alone, the body can achieve vibrant kidney health once again.*

These practitioners use diet and lifestyle to address these imbalances, thus allowing balance to return and a normal state of kidney function to be dominant. They adhere to the conviction that disease-free and disorder-free vibrant health is simply a state of normal balanced body function.*

This philosophy has been successfully implemented for thousands of years all over the world, including for kidney health and kidney energy support.*

Holistic Kidney Health Support*

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Get Well Natural LLC

The Eastern Medicine practitioners who developed the Get Well Natural line of kidney herbal products believe and practice the same philosophy. Specifically formulated to support normal kidney function, they developed Get Well Natural's legendary Kidney Well II, Alisma and Phyto-Antioxidant through decades of use in their practices using Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese herbal medicine approaches.*Get Well Natural LLC

Now you can get all three in a discounted combination kit, Kidney Health Kit 1, and save even more with additional quantity discounts when you buy 3 or more and 12 or more. Remember that you can try out these dietary kidney herbs with our ironclad 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.*

The Doctors & Herbalists who developed Get Well Natural's herbal kidney health support products found that supporting healthy normal body functions, including normal creatinine and protein levels, creates conditions that promote kidney health. They achieved fantastic results over decades in their practices.*

Now you too can take control of your kidney health with Get Well Natural's line of Kidney Health Kits. These kits combine three key products in various ways, Kidney Well II, Alisma & Phyto Antioxidant. These natural dietary supplements can be taken daily for Maximum Kidney Support for Healthy Creatinine Levels, Healthy Urinary Protein Levels and Healthy Kidney Function. Kidney Health Kit 1 contains all three products for the absolute maximum kidney health support.*

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My Creatinine Levels are healthier than my last visit to my doctor!*

Thanks to the staff of Get Well Natural for producing Kidney Well II and the Alisma herbal extract.*

The previous time I had seen my doctor was a total different story.*

My doctor had told me that while my creatinine levels were in the normal range, I was on the border of having poor kidney function. My doctor had totally scared the "you know what" out of me about where my kidneys were headed (possibly kidney failure and then dialysis) if my creatinine levels worsened.*

Fortunately for me, I already knew about Get Well Natural since I had taken some of their other products in the past. After my previous doctor visit, I began taking Kidney Well II and Alisma for a couple of months as well as worked on my diet by trying to eat healthier food. I am really impressed at how effective their natural products are at supporting my healthy functions in my body. I will continue to tell everyone I run into that could benefit from what your company has to offer.*

Thanks again for producing these wonderful products,

- - David C., Gilroy, Ca

Take Control of Your Kidney Health!

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More About Kidney Health

Kidney health is a critical component of overall health, and according to the Doctors & Herbalists who developed the Kidney Health Kit products, dietary approaches to kidney health support can be very effective. Supporting kidney health, keeping kidney health, and having healthy kidneys is what these Doctors & Master Herbalists have been successfully facilitating for decades. This is about a unique herbal approach to maintaining your kidney health.*

They found that with an holistic kidney health approach to supporting your body's natural systems & defenses your kidney health can be supported with traditional medical herbology through Chinese & Vietnamese Herbal Dietary Supplements.*

They achieved fantastic results that rely on the support, enhancement and purification of existing healthy kidney function to alleviate and prevent low kidney function.* Which products and in which combination depends on your kidney health support needs though for maximum support they recommend all three products. They've developed a core of three discounted Kidney Health Kits for a solid start. Your top choice for overall and complete kidney health support is the Kidney Health Kit #1.*

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Introducing Kidney Health Kit 1

Herbs for Kidney Health & Filtration Support*

  • Maximum Kidney Support*
  • Normal Levels Of Creatinine*
  • Normal Urinary Protein Levels*
  • Normal Kidney Function*

Kidney Health Kit 1

Kidney Health Kit 1

The natural, effective, herbal kidney kit combining all three legendary kidney herbal supplement products developed by Doctors and Herbalists for their patients concerned about:

  • Abnormal Kidney Function*
  • High Creatinine Levels &
  • High Urinary Protein Levels (Proteinuria)*
  • Imbalances associated with IgA Nephropathy & Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis*
  • Maximum Overall Kidney Health Support*

Kidney Health Kit 1 Contains:

  • Kidney Well II
  • Alisma
  • Phyto Antioxidant

These natural dietary kidney supplements can be taken daily and may promote:

  • Maximum Kidney Support*
  • Healthy Creatinine Levels*
  • Healthy Urinary Protein Levels*
  • Healthy Kidney Function*

More Customer Testimonials

To the Staff at Get Well,

Today, when I went in for the review of my kidney tests, my doctor let me know that I am doing fantastic and whatever protocol I am following to just keep doing it.*

Well I've been on Kidney Well 2 and Alisma and I really enjoy these products. Now he just wants me to lose weight.*

- - S.K., VA

Dear Get Well Natural,

After 22 years, despite a stiff diet and medical precautions, my transplanted kidney was showing serious weakness and it looked as if it was coming to an end.*

Also, I had developed a serious case of Proteinuria which was getting worse by the week.*

It was two months ago, when I decided to try a combination of Kidney Well 2 and Phyto Antioxidant.*

I want to let you know how much I appreciate these dietary supplements. They really help balance my body and at this stage in my life, I need all the support I can get.*

Thank you,

-- R. Moreira, Portugal- 2008

In the past, I was advised that I needed a kidney biopsy to confirm the tentative diagnosis of acute interstitial nephritis.*

I then tried Kidney Well 2 and Alisma for seven weeks along with a regular juice mix of carrot, apple and celery and less meat in my diet.*

My renal specialist is pleased.*

These products are outstanding and I will continue taking them!*

- - Kind Regards, Cathy - 2009

Today, when I went in to see my doctor, he let me know that I was healthy and told me to continue doing whatever I was doing.*

Well I've been on Kidney Well 2 and Alisma and I really like these products.*

Now he just wants me to lose some weight.*

I recommend anyone interested in supporting healthy kidney function to try both Kidney Well 2 and Alisma.*

- - S.K., VA

From December 2000 to the present date my husband Johnny began his journey with hitting his toe going up stairs, which transitioned into gout, then numerous doctors and multiple challenging and changing health conditions along the way; the last being Glomerulonephritis where many drugs were given and side effects experienced.*

In the end, trying both acupuncture and Get Well Natural's herbal formulas have been the best thing for my Johnny.*

We really took responsibility for my husband's health and I personally felt very proud when the last renal specialist said to us, "Whatever you are taking, keep taking it," and he wanted me to give him the information about your supplements, which I did.*

God Bless You All,

- - D.P. Australia

I was concerned about maintaining healthy creatinine levels in my body.*

I decided to give myself your Alisma herbal extract along with the Kidney Well II herbal product.*

I really believe in the idea of supporting healthy levels rather than waiting till they are unhealthy.*

Your products are a god-send.*

Thank you!

- - L.H., WI

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Get Well Natural's Collaborative Effort & Philosophy*

All our products are designed through close collaboration with experienced Medical Doctors and Master Herbalists in Vietnam and Russia.*

These doctors have used these time tested herbal formulas successfully for decades in their personal practices to support their patients with kidney dysfunction.*

According to their experience, western medicine fails to effectively treat kidney disease. Their philosophy believes that the body, with its wonderful restorative ability, can heal itself. But, in order to do that, they believe that the body must reach a more harmonious state through the use of natural methods including healthy diet, stress reduction, and effective nutritional supplements like herbal remedies that are high in essential and active ingredients.*

Get Well Natural's kidney supportive products were specially developed with the belief system that the body has a wonderful restorative ability that can both maintain optimal kidney function as well as restore any kidney dysfunctions. In order to do that, they believe that your body must reach a more harmonious state through the use of natural methods including healthy diet, stress reduction, and effective nutritional supplements like herbal remedies that are high in essential and active ingredients.*

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100% Herbal Supplement Satisfaction Guarantee!

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