How to Increase Platelets?*
Eastern Medicine Herbs Have Been Used for Centuries*

Blood PlateletsControl Platelet Count Naturally*
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Are you looking for information on how to increase platelets? You've found your source. The Eastern Medicine dietary approach to increasing platelets by supporting the body.*

Eastern Medicine practitioners believe that one may support the body's natural ability to increase platelets, regulate, and normalize platelet levels, with dietary herbs.*

Get The Big Picture

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Eastern Medicine practitioners believe and practice a big picture approach to all health. They don't just focus on symptoms. They focus on restoring balance to the body through diet and lifestyle enhancement. This includes supporting platelet health with dietary herbs and lifestyle improvement.*

They use select dietary herbs to support the body's natural ability to maintain healthy platelet function and count. As mentioned, they've been successfully doing this for centuries. Now you can too!*


Introducing Dietary Platelet Health Support*

Get Well Natural LLC has created dietary supplements for platelet health support based on these philosophies and practices. The Doctor recommended herbs in these products are believed by Eastern Medicine practitioners to support the body to maintain normal platelet counts.*


The ITP Kit

The ITP Kit is two products, Blood Well and Restore Immune II. These dietary supplements are combined specifically for platelet support to maintain normal platelets according to Eastern Medicine. You can try them yourself satisfaction guaranteed!*

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed*

You may try any of our products with one simple guarantee, you must be satisfied or your money back. Keep in mind that according to these Eastern Medicine practices, dietary health support approaches do require a period of time to allow for the body to achieve natural balance and normal health. We recommend a 3 month trial period, and to encourage you to give a full 3 months a solid try, we deep discount bulk orders. So now you can easily try a dietary approach to healthy platelet count and function with your satisfaction guaranteed.*

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* Try Doctor Recommend Herbs to Maintain Platelet Health 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed *

You've Found Your Source for Dietary Platelet Herbs*

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Normal & Balanced Platelet Levels?*

The Answer is Yes According to Eastern Medicine*

If your answer is "Yes", then Eastern Medicine Philosophies are something you may want to investigate, as well as the Eastern Medicine belief that supporting platelet health with dietary herbal supplements is important and possible.*

Since you are reading this, you've probably been looking for ways to maintain platelet health because of a low platelet concern. Look no further. You've found one approach to support the body to maintain healthy platelet levels, used by Eastern Medicine practitioners for centuries.*

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Dietary Support for those Concerned with Achieving Healthy Platelet Function & Count*

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According to Eastern Medicine practitioners, one may support the body's natural ability to maintain platelet health and normal platelet levels with dietary platelet herbs and lifestyle modification. Many believe in today's toxic world, with low value highly processed foods and environmental pollution, dietary supplements are mandatory to support healthy platelets and general health.*

Platelet and blood health can be critically important to health and longevity. The Doctors & Herbalists who developed Get Well Natural's dietary platelet herbal formulas, found that supporting healthy, normal body system functions, including normal platelet function and level, can create conditions that promote normalizing or increasing platelets. They achieved fantastic results over decades in their practices.*

More About The ITP Kit


Now you too can take control of your platelet health with Get Well Natural's ITP Kit based on Eastern Medicine practices. As you know if you've read this far, the ITP Kit combines two dietary supplements, Blood Well and Restore Immune II, for maximum platelet health support.*

According to its creators, with the ITP Kit you not only may be able to support healthy platelets, but you may also get overall holistic health support, in what Eastern Medicine practitioners say is the only true way to long term sustainable health. Remember, these Eastern Medicine practices have successfully helped normalize platelet levels for centuries.*

And with Get Well Natural's ITP Kit, you get more than just a great product, you also get the result of decades of use and real-world experience. All this results in maintaining platelet health, according to many satisfied customers. It all starts with the Eastern Medicine philosophy applied in real world use.

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My history involves a condition called idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and brings on bruising, petechiae and bleeding symptoms. Throughout my life, my platelet counts often fluctuated up and down. I spent much of my time worrying and going from doctor to doctor looking for answers. I did not want to go the splenectomy route since I had learned that the spleen is a very important organ to hang onto in eastern medicine philosophies. Thankfully, my doctor agreed with me and did not push me to have it removed.

Eventually, a doctor I went to referred me to try the Blood Well and Restore Immune II natural herbal formulas. I have taken these as well as many other of your natural products.

Thank you so much for making healthful products like these available. I am constantly telling all of my family and friends about Get Well Natural. My hope is that other people can experience these supportive formulas like I have.

Thank you so much,

- - Julia L., CA

The ITP Kit, health support for those concerned with platelet levels, can be taken daily for:

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Give the ITP Kit a try to find out for yourself.

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Eastern Medicine Philosophy*

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Holistic Health & Increasing Platelets*

Eastern Medicine practitioners believe and practice a holistic or "big picture" approach to health, which includes how to increase platelets as mentioned above. They use select dietary herbs to support the body's natural ability to maintain health. And they've been dong this for centuries.*

Look At The Big Picture*

Approaching underlying imbalances, and not just "treating" the external symptoms exclusively, is the basis of holistic health and Eastern Medicine philosophy. They apply this approach to all health issues. Through diet and lifestyle modification, they believe vibrant health and longevity can be achieved.*

Dietary Herbs*

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They believe dietary herbs play a vital role in supporting the body's natural ability to maintain health, without the significant side effects commonly found in western medicine drug treatments. This includes highly desirable healthy platelet levels, and why you are reading this now.*


So the Eastern Medicine approach to health focuses on "normalizing" and balancing systems. According to them, this results in increasing platelets when addressing how to increase low platelet levels naturally. This approach results in lowering platelets when addressing high platelet levels. Both use the same approach, with the same result, normalized platelet level and function. They believe the body can naturally avoid such conditions as:


Again, the Eastern Medicine approach to both elevated platelet counts or low platelet levels comes from supporting the body's ability to achieve a natural platelet balance. They believe this approach is effective for all kinds of platelet disorders. This is what is meant by "holistic" or big picture, not just treating symptoms, but rather, addressing the whole body's needs.*

Try Yours, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed*

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Diet & Lifestyle Supporting:*

Meditating WomanAs you now know, the Eastern Medicine philosophy believes the body to be a system naturally in balance and in a state of harmony, and that when in this state of balance and harmony, the body cannot not be diseased or dysfunctional.*

Eastern Medicine practitioners believe that disease and dysfunction are truly just symptoms of imbalance, that our bodies are trying to tell us something, and that by addressing this underlying imbalance, not the symptoms, the body can achieve vibrant health once again. In order to achieve this, they believe diet and lifestyle play a key role.*

Therefore, they use diet and lifestyle to address these imbalances, thus allowing balance to return, and a normal functional state. They adhere to the conviction that disease-free and disorder-free vibrant health is simply a state of normal balanced body function. And they do it.*

This philosophy has been successfully implemented for thousands of years all over the world including for addressing platelet disorders.*

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Get Well Natural LLC

Get Well Natural LLCThe Eastern Medicine practitioners who developed the Get Well Natural line of platelet support products believe and practice this same philosophy. Specifically formulated to support normal platelet function, they developed Get Well Natural's legendary Blood Well and Restore Immune II through decades of use in their practices.*

Now you can get both products in a discounted combination kit, called the ITP Kit, and save even more with quantity discounts. Remember that you can try out these dietary platelet herbs with our ironclad 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.*

The Legendary ITP Kit*

Herbs to Support the Body's Ability to Achieve Healthy Platelet Function*

  • Healthy Normal Platelet Counts*
  • Healthy Platelet Quality and Function*
  • Balanced Immune Response and Function*
  • Normal Healing of Bruises and Bleeding*
  • Healthy Blood Coagulation Function*

Introducing The ITP Kit


Get Well Natural's ITP Kit (Blood Well and Restore Immune II) was designed by Doctors & Herbalists specifically to support healthy platelets and healthy blood coagulation through balanced dietary herbal supplements for their patients concerned about:*

  • Abnormal Platelet Function*
  • Low Blood Platelet Levels*
  • High Platelet Levels*
  • I.T.P. Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura*
  • Maximum Overall Platelet Health Support*

The ITP Kit Contains:

  • 2 Blood Well
  • 2 Restore Immune II

These natural dietary platelet supplements can be taken daily for those concerned with:

  • Maximum Platelet Support*
  • Normal Platelet Function*
  • Healthy Coagulation*

More Customer Testimonials About the ITP Kit Products*

Dear Get Well Natural,

In the past, due to my I.T.P., I had been on various medications wondering if my platelets would ever rise. I have taken your products Calm Ezz, Blood Well and Restore Immune II since May 07 and I am very happy with these products.

Thank you so much,

- - Darlene - Cleveland, Ohio

Originally in October 2001 I was diagnosed with I.T.P.; bruising and a very low platelet count. Then in November 2001 I had a splenectomy, then everything fell apart and my platelets became extremely low; I was so beside myself in that the doctor did not seem to know much about I.T.P. So in January 2002 I found a great doctor to support me and I was put through 3 chemotherapies.

After I recovered, my daughter searched the internet and found PDSA.and with the approval of my hematologist I began taking the ITP Kit from Get Well Natural.

Currently (October 2008), I have been on both Blood Well and Restore Immune II for several years now. My hematologist was so amazed at how the herbal formulas support my body.

At the age of 82, I know that I was blessed with a miracle for my daughter to find these herbs, and I will continue to take them for the rest of my life for continued support.

- - Barbara W., Leawood, KS

Dear Staff,

In my life I had a lot of ups and downs. My body ranged from healthy platelet levels to lowered levels. I first experienced platelet count issues during my first pregnancy. My doctors kept track of my platelets, which had dropped to 100k. My OB/GYN sent me to an Oncologist & I was told it was perfectly normal for a pregnant woman.

At delivery I couldn't get an epidural because my platelets dropped to 86k. All seemed ok until about a week later when I started running a 103 fever. I went to our family doctor and he prescribed Augmentin (thought I had a uterine infection). Three days later they did an ultrasound & found placenta still left inside me so I was immediately scheduled for a DNC. The morning of my surgery my blood panel came back & my platelets were now at 1,000! It was touch & go for awhile, but after 6 pints of blood & 3 pints of platelets I was ok and released from the hospital with platelets at 168k.

Doctors said that I either had an allergic reaction or it was just all the trauma from delivery, either way I was put on 80mg of Prednisone. In 3 weeks I had the "moon face", gained 17 lbs. & my platelets dropped back down to 11,000. I was then injected with Win-Rho (which did nothing to raise my platelets, only made me really sick!), had a bone marrow biopsy & my doctor was scheduling to have my spleen removed. I said "NO", I had had enough!

My uncle told me about your website and I immediately ordered and started the Blood Well & Restore Immune II.

I want to report to you that I am totally happy with these platelet health supporting products. I like the idea of using natural methods like stress reduction and natural dietary supplements to support my body's natural ability to produce healthy platelets versus waiting for my platelets to go down and then having to take drugs like Prednisone.

I've tried to tell my medical doctors that for me, supporting my body with healthy and natural products is a better choice for me, but they keep telling me that their drug and surgery recommendations are simply "protocol", and the only thing they are trained to provide.

Thank you Get Well Natural, your natural herbs are a blessing!

- - Sincerely, Alicia S., Kansas

I was happy to get my order of Blood Well and Restore Immune II. I started to take them right away and I am glad I did. Thank you for your time and knowledge you shared with me. I thank the lord for all the help your experienced staff have given me.
- - Dolores S., Florida

Dear Get Well Natural,

I write this communication to let individuals with various immune disorders know that Get Well Natural and staff are true professionals. They were the driving force of educating and helping me understand my situation.

These products that Get Well Natural provides are the real deal. No gimmicks, no hype, just effective dietary supplements to support my body. I am glad that somehow God directed me to such men and women.

Again, thanks to everyone.

Each time I call for an order everyone is so cordial and it makes my day each time I talk to them.

- - With Respect, William Shear, Ohio

After a scary dip in my platelets several years ago I was told by my doctor that I had something called Chronic I.T.P.

I was given costly infusions of IVIG, and very little happened. I refused to go on any steroid therapy because of the side effects. I did my own research and came across this herbal website, and ordered the ITP Kit (Blood Well & Restore Immune 2).

At first I didn't notice any difference from taking these supplements. But, I figured since they are natural herbs and designed to support my body's healthy functions, I decided to stay on them longer.

Well, it has been a couple years since I first took these herbal products from Get Well. I am very pleased with these platelet supportive products. My doctor, who at first was skeptical about me taking herbs, is now a believer.

Over the last couple of years, the friendly folks at Get Well Natural have added, and subtracted certain herbs to my herbal health program, and have been very helpful with giving me information about what I'm taking.

Coincidentally (or not) my elderly Mother was hospitalized and also diagnosed with I.T.P. due to her shocking low platelet count numbers. She was put on 60mg of prednisone.

Two months ago, I convinced her to try the herbal products to support her body's health. Now, mom is also happy with her decision to give it a try.

We are both very grateful to have found Get Well Natural and recommend them to others.

- - Warmest Regards, Nick, P., Los Angeles, CA

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Get Well Natural's Collaborative Effort

All our products are designed through close collaboration with experienced Medical Doctors and Master Herbalists in Vietnam and Russia. These doctors have used these time tested herbal formulas successfully for decades in their personal practices to support their patients with platelet dysfunction.*

According to their experience, western medicine fails to effectively treat platelet disorders. Their philosophy believes that the body, with its wonderful restorative ability, can heal itself. But, in order to do that, they believe that the body must reach a more harmonious state through the use of natural methods including healthy diet, stress reduction, and effective nutritional supplements, like herbal supplements that are high in essential and active ingredients that support the body to both maintain optimal platelet function, as well as restore any platelet dysfunctions.*


Guarantee & Return Policy

Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Get Well Natural, LLC offers you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back! (Less any shipping fees.)

100% Herbal Supplement Satisfaction Guarantee!

Please Note that we are unable to guarantee specific results from our supplements. You are, however, guaranteed that you will be satisfied with the products we offer. If you are not satisfied, simply return the unopened products that you have had for less than 90 days for a full refund.

*Note: For opened bottles, refunds are only given for a maximum of a "one month supply" of any single herbal formula that is not expired and returned within 90 days of purchase.

Return Policy:

Please enclose a copy of your packing slip or a copy of your order you received via email at the time of your purchase. We will credit back your card what you actually paid for the product(s) after all the discounts were subtracted minus shipping and handling charges. Please allow us some processing time for the return and for the posting of the credit to your card.



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