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Calm Recharge Selected Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals and Chinese Herbs
MSRP : $73.50
Price Each: $59.00
Save : $14.50 (20 %)

Calm Recharge Dietary Herbal Support for:*

  • Calming of Cell Membrane Ion Channels*

Calm / Recharge is a formulation of selected amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and Chinese herbs formulated and designed to support the calming of cell membrane ion channels.* By calming these channels, the cells can help maintain the normal polarization (charge differential) across the cell membranes. This is based on the theory being that calm cells support homeostasis in the body.*

Suggested Usage: As a dietary supplement, 2 scoops two times daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.
Count: 250 Grams Powder
Net Weight per Scoop: 8.3 Grams
Serving Per Bottle
: Approx. 30 Servings

Calm Recharge

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Calm Ezz (100 Capsules)
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Dandelion Extract Taraxacum Officinale CC-BY-SA-3.0/Matt H. Wade Wikipedia
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Liver Kidney Herbal Detox Health Kit * Liver Kidney Cleanse Herbs *
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Sweet Sleep (100 Tablets)
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Sweet Sleep (100 Tablets)
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